German Language Courses at Lugano Deutsch

Course Types

We offer the following courses in the German language:

General and Refresher Courses

Most people in Ticino have studied German at school, and have used it in private or business contexts to some degree. We help you to identify where you have gaps in your grammar, and to expand your vocabulary and fluency for your requirements.

High School revision

We have helped many high school students who need extra help and practice outside the school classroom.

Business Courses

Perhaps you are planning a career move, or your job requires better German skills. We can help you improve your ability to communicate in business contexts, in speaking, writing, listening and reading.


The Goethe Institute certificates are an impressive addition to any CV. You can benefit from our many years of experience with preparation for German exams at every level.


– unbeatable value for money –

We offer a very competitive package for those who wish to learn quickly and well, in an atmosphere which is stimulating, in a group which is compatible with their level, needs and availability.

The prices are same for courses in person here at Via Berna, 2, Lugano, or on line via Zoom.

Private Lessons

A lesson of 60 minutes for one student costs Fr. 50.00.

A course of 12 lessons costs Fr. 600.00.

A lesson of 90 minutes for one student costs Fr. 70.00.

A course of 12 lessons costs Fr. 840.00.

In Pairs

A lesson with 2 students of 60 minutes costs Fr. 30.00 per student.

12 lessons of 60 minutes = Fr. 360.00 each.

A lesson with 2 students of 90 minutes costs Fr. 40.00 per student.

12 lessons of 90 minutes = Fr. 480.00 each.


A group lesson (3-6 students) lasts 90 minutes, and costs Fr. 25.00 per student.

12 lessons of 90 minutes = Fr. 300.00 each.


These prices do not include the cost of course books. Other materials, such as photocopies, are included in the price.

A student may attend one lesson free of charge as a trial. Please enquire for the start of the next course which suits your level.