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Lugano Deutsch offers high-quality language courses, taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

German is the European Union’s most spoken language, and maintains a central role in the cultural and economic life of the continent. One in ten books published globally is in German, and German-speaking countries rank fifth worldwide for the number of books published annually. German is a prerequisite for getting a place in some of the world’s best universities, or a job in Europe’s richest economies.
Although Swiss-German is the native language of 65% of Swiss, its many dialects make High German (Hochdeutsch) the dominant written language in Switzerland, used by the population for interactions within Switzerland and abroad.
It has grammar which can be a challenge, but it is largely phonetic, and being a Germanic language, it is not as difficult as many beginners believe. We as educators are rewarded when we see how much German benefits and enriches the lives of our students.

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Courses and Prices

We offer a range of courses in the German language, for beginners to experts, at competitive prices.

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